About Fenix (Fénix)

Project Fenix started 15.04.2015 by company MSoftware s.r.o. First goal was to make simple, free for all, open source accounting system with multi-language support and possibility to accomplish with any national specific request (for example Croatian ‘fiscalisation’ support)

From where:

“Arising from the Ashes”


Because we can and we know how 🙂

Why Open Source?

Fenix is Open Source project. Open source make sure any user that our product live with or without support of our company. Project is released under free software licence GNU (General Public License). Anybody can help, modify, suggest, request changes of our needs, ask for new possibilities, donate money, etc. Fenix is built with Open Source tools: Harbour compiler, HbQt, and Marinas GUI. There no need for any other commercial development tools. Project is developed primary on the Linux platform.

How To Use?

Project Fenix is in early develompent stage for now. First goal is to make possible creating invoices. We make available binaries for all available platforms as soon as we reach first goal…

How to Help?

Developers are welcome. Take a look at the project GitHub page and download source files. You need correctly installed development on Your system to be able to create binaries. Automatic download and update script for Ubuntu based system are available on project bin directory  

Commercial Support

Commercial support, hotline and more would be possible from company MSoftware which donate web space, resources, money and programmers time to make all this happen.